Vexed for Windows
version 2.09

Raanan Barzel has created a Windows version of Vexed, a free, wonderful and popular game on the Palm, available from Palmgear. This version is for those who enjoyed the Palm version and want to share their pleasure with Windows users or on their Windows machine. The latest version, Vexed 2.0 for Windows, adds new packs of levels and many additional features, including unlimited Undo and built-in solutions, closely following version 2.0 of Vexed for Palm. An extensive How To menu entry describes the new functions. Vexed 2.0 for Windows does not require a Palm OS device.

Download: (359KB)

· 2.10(16 oct 06) -
· 2.09(24 jun 03) - Accepts scores larger than -99.
· 2.08(19 sep 02) - Correct restart/resume error.
· 2.07(25 jun 02) - Improved management of Level Packs.
· 2.06(20 jun 02) - Correct startup hangup.
· 2.05(12 jun 02) - Correct startup hangup. Download and extract files, and game will restart at the last-played level.
· 2.04(22 apr 02) - Adjust score when a level is replayed.
· 2.01(5 mar 02) - Shut-down corrected when closing the game from the Welcome screen.

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